Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting ready for Spring!

  To all our surprise, we woke up to a white Christmas! How long has that been since we had one of those? To long if you ask any kid that went out and made a snow man Christmas afternoon. The greatest holiday we celebrate all year was just perfect! Now we are at the end of January and things deffinetly look different.
   Wow did anyone guess at the end of January we would be enjoying this nice warm weather? But for all of us use to TN weather are we surprised? The nice weather is a fair reminder that spring is just around the corner. Like all the years past it sneaks up on us and vanishes in a blink of an eye. So now is the time to look forward to those springs days and family activities to shake off that cabin fever.
  Tell us how you plan on spending your spring time? Vacations coming up? Out of town trips? Picnics and family reunions?